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適用於散水餅, 公司禮物, 回禮小禮物等

大量訂購可電郵( / Whatspp (+852 9161 7316)查詢。


Small note inside every fortune cookie to express gratitude, send cheer messages or share memorable moment to your buddies.

Great ideas for Farewell Gift, Corporate Gift or Party Gift.

For bulk orders, please email ( Whatsapp (+852 9161 7316) for details.

(朱古力口味) 散水餅獨立包裝套裝 Individual wrapped (免運費, Free delivery)

SKU: 364115376135191
  • 一套40個全朱古力口味 (混合)
    ‧ 免費自訂2款簽文*, 以及留下署名, 隨機放進曲奇, 讓親朋好友一開一驚喜! 
    ‧ (*每款簽文大約15-20字內,隨機放進曲奇; 可以選擇不留署名, 那麼簽文便不會延身曲奇外)
    ‧ (例子: 每一場相遇都是緣分,感恩與各位遇上。 By Joyce)


    Set of 40 pcs (Assorted Chocolate Flavors) 
    ‧ 2 custom messsages* and your signature included in the price.
    ‧ Messages will be distributed in the cookies randomly. Let your friends, family or colleagues open a cookie with surprise!
    ‧ (*About 15-20 max words for each message, will distribute randomly; can choose not to have the signature, then the note will not be extended beyond the cookie)
    ‧ (Example: Thank you for being such an important part in my journey. By Joyce)
    Click here for farewell message reference
    Click here for other message reference

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