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【江湖再見 | 同事last day祝福語】

離職、轉工是職業生涯必經階段,山水有相逢,將來還有機會與同事江湖再見,那麽同事離職時說什麽祝福語才合適?以下是散水禮物的祝福語,希望這些Farewell金句為你的Last day帶來無限祝福。


散水金句 (中文)

  1. 走先啦 係咁先啦 下次再玩啦

  2. 天高路遠,後會有期。彼此珍重,得閒飲茶。

  3. 保持通話 得閒飲茶

  4. 一切在心中,有緣再見

  5. 走啦喂 加油呀 頂住呀

  6. 幾忙都好 最緊要照顧好自己身體

  7. 如同神隊友支撐背後 默契早已有 即使各有各走

  8. 準時收工! 加薪唔加辛!

  9. 要走啦,得閒飲茶

  10. 青山不改 綠水長流,走先lu

  11. 努力呀!唔好放棄!

  12. 先行告退 千歲千歲千千歲

  13. 相處時間不多 但感謝您對我的照顧

  14. 每個相遇不一定有結局但一定有意義

同事last day祝福語

散水餅英文句子 (Farewell messages)

  1. Thank you for being such an important part in my journey

  2. Be yourself no matter what they say

  3. Life is just for fun

  4. Good luck, good health and goodbye

  5. Enjoy your life and stay health

  6. Having awesome colleagues is a bad habit, because it’ll be impossible to work with someone else.

  7. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. Keep in touch!

  8. Goodbye! Wish you all the best and thanks for everything!

  9. With gratitude and thanks, hope our paths will cross in the future again!

  10. It’s a pleasure to have worked with you. Wish you all the best!

farewell message中文

看完各款祝福語後,想好你Last day的感謝説話沒有?聯絡我們訂製屬於你的散水禮物幸運曲奇吧!


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